The Quest for the Fair Land

A live presentation, delivered on-line or in person, by author S.A. Rule. Told with humour and (optional) musical accompaniment, S.A. Rule shares the story of how she came to create the Shaihen Heritage series, with readings from the latest two-volume story, Leaving On The Tide and The Hills of Gold.

If you would like to arrange a presentation, please contact the author directly.

S.A. Rule is also available for book-signings.

About S.A. RULE

Sue Rule has been writing since the age of 7. She claims she kept trying to give it up, but it wouldn’t let her, so she embarked on creating the fantasy series “Shaihen Heritage”. The series grows out of Sue’s love of history and folklore, and tracks the fictional history of an imagined world which is not unlike our own. The process of imagining that world has led her to think about how we might seek to create “The Fair Land” in the real world.

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The Myth

Shé = land       Haios = whole/holy

The people who live in Shehaios serve the Spirit. They believe that they belong to the land rather than the land belonging to them.

Shehaios is the Fair Land, the Whole Land, the Home of the Free.  “Fair Land” has many meanings – fair as in beautiful, fair as in just. Sometimes also known as “The Rich Land”, it is a utopia that only exists by the intervention of magic; but the books explore just what Shaihen magic is and how it is expressed in human actions and interactions.

“Haios o ja, ja o haios erth. Ush eloh.”

“I am haios, haios is me, we are one”

The Books

The Shaihen Heritage series of novels by S.A. Rule tell the history of the Fair Land through the lives and stories of the people who created it. The first trilogy, Cloak of Magic, Staff of Power and Spirit of Shehaios chart the struggles of the Shaihen people as they face the threat of invasion by a vast and powerful Imperial power.

The second two-volume story, Leaving on the Tide and The Hills of Gold picks up the history some two thousand years later, at a time of great political change and technological advancement.

“…the land of Shehaios is alluring on so many levels…
I gradually came to understand the mystique of the
Spirit of Shehaios
and just what that fully means

through the lives of it’s inhabitants.”

Jackie G.
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First Shehaios Trilogy Covers by S.A. Rule
The first Shehaios Trilogy by S.A. Rule