Praise for Cloak of Magic


“The book was brilliant. A wonderful trip into a fantasy world. I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for Book 2….”

Mary Barr


“… a book full of magical fantasy. It’s about two friends and how their lives change as they become of age…. Their loves, battles and adventures follow – everything a good book needs, sex, violence and intrigue. It’s a great read, sequel in progress, and I for one am looking forward to it.”

Liz Wade,  Around Kent Folk magazine


“The best SF/Fantasy I’ve read recently. (Except for Terry Pratchett.)”

Rob Whittle


“I was borne along by the narrative and the characters and felt as if I lived in that world with them.”

Sue Russell


“I don’t read fantasy. But by the end of the story I’d been hooked…”

Arthur Allwright


“It’s terrific. Bits of it still rattle around in my head.”

Hilary Bush


“I am really enjoying your book, but someone has stolen it from me and won’t give it back.”

Cherie Hulland


“..terrifically written….exciting , tender , magical , gritty….with excellent characters and a story that roars along in a richly imagined world.”

Clive Scruton (cover designer)


“One of things I always love in a book is getting lost in them. They take you to a new world and you really believe and feel that you are there and I really did feel as though I was in Shehaios when reading this book. When a book makes you cry you know it is excellent because you feel for the characters and this book did make me cry. I feel that this both down to the settings and the characters.”

Chloe Petts, 14


“I really loved this book. It’s just what I’m looking for as a college student. It was really interesting and entertaining. I felt for the characters and didn’t always know how things were going to turn out. What made it so great for a college student is that I could put it down and pick it back up whenever. I really wanted to read it, but I could usually find a place to stop. I especially liked the ending because it was an ending! There is definitely room for it to go some where, but if for some reason the series wasn’t finished I’d be fine. I wouldn’t have that need to go learn necromancy or go postal. I can’t wait to read the next book and see where it picks up. Kierce is officially in my list of top guy characters now…”

Erin MacLachlan

Reviews of the Shaihen Series


“I have a complaint – I have finished the first book and I am ready for the next one. Where is it?
The first one was great (I was reading till all hours of the early morning). I’m no book critic, but it was brilliantly crafted and the story drew me in so that I had to keep on reading. For me it was on a par with any Stephen Donaldson. Is the phrase ‘un-put-downable’?
Please please write the next one soon.”

Lesley Massey


“The Shaihen Heritage … is a solid, well-written tale; the characters are realistic (not always likeable) three dimensional people with all the flaws and talents of real people while the political manoeuvring and the battle scenes are likewise believable.”

British Fantasy Society Review by Karen Stevens


“Cloak of Magic is an impressive debut novel; a book of satisfying depth featuring characters worthy of empathy and a story that weaves and turns in a way conducive to the heightening and retaining of the reader’s interest. You will find that the best fantasy novels are always strong on characterisation and this is certainly the case here.”



“Coming from an unknown, unsung author, this power house of creative imagination, action, adventure and subtle social critique is simply astounding. And knowing that I’m one of the first to discover this series made the whole experience feel a little more special. So my advice to you would be, ‘don’t delay!'”

Daniel Romani


“In Cloak of Magic, S A Rule takes the reader on an enthralling journey to far off places in a time long ago, when dragons roamed the earth and unicorns were still to be found. The world of fantasy would not normally be my choice for a good read but I was very pleasantly surprised that the more I read of this tale the more I began to change my mind. Perhaps because Cloak of Magic does not stray into the bizarre and really unbelievable, but borders on the credible, and only required a tiny stretch of my imagination.”

Trevor Rowe
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“One of the main themes of this book, made more explicit than in the previous episode, is the difference between the Shaihen hippy-dippy spirit-of-the-people tolerance, the irrational violence of the ascaii raiders and the fanatical, if illogical and hypocritical, followers of Tay-Aien (a rather sensible sounding religion underneath, interpreted somewhat flexibly by its adherents).”

Pauline M Ross
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“The three books span a large time frame, with the third story, Spirit of Shehaios, occurring at a further remove from the first two, and this makes the final instalment a little harder to get into. The reader is caught on the back foot, so to speak, and feeling like there’s a lot to catch up on and a lot of new characters in whom we’re not particularly invested. In fact, you could stop reading at the end of the second book, Staff Of Power, and still be blown away. But with a little patience, the realness of the characters – some of whom are familiar – and their capacity to surprise us, once again pulls you back in.”

Subtle Sensor (web designer)
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